Short Breaks

When you are caring for someone else it can be easy to neglect your own health and well-being, yet a regular break can make all the difference to how you feel. Our breaks give you an opportunity to ‘switch off’ for a few hours and to have fun.

We hold two types of short breaks:

  • breaks for you as a carer to switch off from your caring responsibilities
  • breaks for you to attend with the person you look after so you can enjoy some quality time together

Carers Breaks

“Being a carer can lead some to be isolated and withdrawn, losing contact with friends through no fault of their own. Bolton Carers Support has given me the opportunity to get out and about and have interesting conversations with people in a similar situation and with similar responsibilities to me.”
“Sometimes it’s the only break I get and really does me good to forget all my responsibilities for a few hours and have some fun.”
“If you get the chance [to go on a break] give it a try! It’s a great opportunity to meet other carers socially and a break away from the everyday challenges of caring.”

We hold many outings for you to attend to have a short break and to ‘recharge your batteries’. Typical breaks include:

  • meals out
  • mystery coach tours
  • visits to places of interest
  • trips to garden centres
  • music concerts
  • day trips to Southport, Chester, Liverpool and other locations

As we support carers of all ages (over 18) we try to put on a varied selection of short breaks so that there is something to appeal to different tastes.

Charges: we currently charge £7.50 per person per break to contribute towards the costs of breaks. This does not cover all our costs – we apply for funding from other sources to help pay for breaks so for carers, the breaks represent good value.

Sort breaks are advertised through our Carers Connect newsletter which is distributed to carers 3-4 times a year.  Demand for our short breaks is high and breaks book up quickly, so if you see a break you like, please contact us as soon as the booking line opens to avoid disappointment. Full booking details can be found in Carers Connect.  You must be registered with Bolton Carers Support to be able to access our breaks.

Carer and Cared-For Breaks

“These events, by making you feel happier, are medication in themselves.”

If you prefer to take a break with the person you care for, then these breaks are for you. We try to choose venues where there is good access and parking close by and lifts for people who use wheelchairs or have limited mobility. We have held carer and cared-for short breaks at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Bolton, at Rivington Barn and similar venues. If you are concerned about access, please ring us before booking a break and we will provide further information.

Due to demand, we hold a lot of carer and cared-for breaks in local venues that seat up to 70 – 80 people, with a set menu three course meal and light entertainment. You must be registered with Bolton Carers Support to be able to access our breaks.  Charges: As with carer breaks, we charge £7.50 per person per break. All breaks are advertised through our newsletter.

Please contact our Carers Helpline on 01204 363056 for further information.


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