For Professionals

Links with health services

After many years, the funding for our Health Linkworker has unfortunately ceased.  We will however continue to work strategically across Bolton to raise awareness of carers’ needs with health professionals encouraging them to 'think carer'.  We will also:

  •  Respond to consultation documents and attend a variety of meetings to ensure that carers’ issues are kept on agendas
  •  Encourage carers to contact their GP practice to register as a carer, enabling them to access their FREE annual health check
  •  Encourage carers to self-refer to us for continued support and access to other relevant services
  •  Continue where possible to share resources on request with health organisations
  •  Support key campaigns such as Carers Week and Carers Rights Day

General Awareness-Raising

It can take people up to five years to recognise themselves as carers (‘In the Know’, Carers UK, 2006) so we raise awareness and encourage people to identify themselves as carers as early as possible. To raise awareness we:

  • do talks and presentations to community groups, social work teams, church groups, support groups and local services;
  • include articles and press releases in newsletters, local press and we have also done radio interviews and announcements;
  • hold information displays at events and meetings, at supermarkets, community venues and other organisations' Annual General Meetings and events.

If you belong to a group or organisation that would welcome a talk on our work, please contact our Carers Helpline on 01204 363056 or email to arrange a speaker.

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