About Bolton Carers Support

Bolton Carers Support is a registered charity that was set up in 1994 and offers a confidential support and information service to carers. We are an independent charity supporting carers over the age of 18 who live in Bolton or who care for someone living in Bolton. Find out more


We want all carers to feel valued and to receive the information, care and support they deserve.

  1. Carers will be informed, empowered and confident
  2. Carers will have improved health and well-being
  3. Carers will be less isolated
  4. Carers will be trained and supported to care
  5. Carers will be financially better off
  6. Carers will have regular time off from caring
  7. A strong and effective carers organisation

Bolton Carers Support is a well-established, confidential, first point of contact for carers. We meet the individual needs of carers by providing information, advice and emotional support. We engage, enable and empower carers to fulfil their caring role. We care...because you do.


  • listen and give carers time to talk
  • have respect for each other
  • treat carers as individuals
  • encourage carers to support each other

We are

* non-judgemental • inclusive and non-discriminatory • professional • friendly, approachable and trustworthy • committed to providing the best service

We also

* go the extra mile • strive to improve • support each other in our work • show integrity in our work • work as a team

We currently have 8 members of staff

Elaine Holt, Benefits Adviser

Elaine provides a dedicated service for Carer’s: offering advice, support and assistance with all aspects of Welfare Benefit issues.  Home Visits are available for Carer’s over 65 on Monday and Tuesdays and office appointments are available on Wednesdays for Carer’s under 65.  Elaine’s aim is to ensure that Welfare Advice provision is available to all Carer’s over 18 years of age living in Bolton so that they are able to make informed choices about the options open to them, and that the complexities of the Welfare Benefit system does not form barriers to positive life changes.  elaine@boltoncarersupport.co.uk

Zoe Hill, Outreach Worker

Zoe’s role includes identifying hidden carers, signposting them to information and support and raising awareness generally within the local community.  Zoe achieves this by running various information points and carers cafés at different locations in Bolton where carers can come along and meet other carers, gain information and support and take time out from their caring responsibilities. Zoe also delivers presentations and talks to organisations and community groups which helps to raise awareness of Bolton Carers Support by providing up-to-date information about who we are and how we can support carers. zoe@boltoncarersupport.co.uk

Angela Paggett, Information and Advice Service

Angela works on the Carers Helpline dealing with enquiries from carers and health / care professionals and provides Information and Advice appointments at Thicketford Centre.  angela@boltoncarersupport.co.uk

Laurent Fernandez-Moreno, Time For You Project Worker

Laurent is responsible for the "Time for You” project which will provide a sitting service for carers.  Working with Mhist, Band, Senior Solutions and Age UK it will cover all areas of caring and allow carers to take a break, attend appointments and meet up with friends. It will be supported by a team of volunteers, recruited and trained by Bolton Carers Support and carefully matched to support the carers needs.  laurent@boltoncarersupport.co.uk

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