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Meet our team

Georgette Kay, Chief Officer

Georgette supervises the staff team, oversees Bolton Carers Support’s development and supports the trustees. As Chief Officer, Georgette ensures that the organisation achieves its goals (as set out in the Strategy / Action Plan), develops policies and procedures to ensure the service is well-run and effective, secures funding and sets up new areas of work. As Company Secretary, Georgette is responsible for filing Annual Returns and Accounts with the Charity Commission and Companies House. georgette@boltoncarersupport.co.uk

Bev Strang, Carers Information and Advice Service Officer

Bev produces the Carers Contact newsletter, the Fact-sheets and all our information materials. In addition, Bev keeps the website up-to-date, works on the Carers Helpline dealing with enquiries from carers and health / care professionals and provides Information and Advice appointments at Thicketford Centre. bev@boltoncarersupport.co.uk

Melissa Taylor, Health Linkworker

Melissa is responsible for raising awareness of carers’ needs amongst health professionals and works on specific initiatives to provide better information and support for carers. As part of her job, Melissa updates the Carers Noticeboards in many GP surgeries, and ensures information is widely distributed  to health professionals via a bi-monthly e-bulletin called ‘Caring Matters’. Melissa splits her time between Bolton Carers Support and the Clinical Commissioning Group. melissa@boltoncarersupport.co.uk
or melissa.taylor2@nhs.net

Peter Harmer, Activities Co-ordinator

Peter arranges a regular programme of short breaks for carers, and additional breaks for carers to attend with the person they look after. The role also involves co-ordinating a varied programme of workshops, short courses and learning days on a wide range of topics – some are caring related, while others are for relaxation or personal development. Special events are organised for Carers Week and Carers Rights Day. peter@boltoncarersupport.co.uk

Elaine Holt, Benefits Adviser

Elaine provides a dedicated service for Carers: offering advice, support and assistance with all aspects of Welfare Benefit issues.  Home Visits and Office Appointments are available.  Elaine’s aim is to ensure that Welfare Advice provision is available to all Carer’s over 18 years of age living in Bolton so that they are able to make informed choices about the options open to them, and that the complexities of the Welfare Benefit system does not form barriers to positive life changes.  elaine@boltoncarersupport.co.uk

Zoe Hill, Outreach Worker

Zoe’s role includes identifying hidden carers, signposting them to information and support and raising awareness generally within the local community.  Zoe achieves this by running various information points and carers cafés at different locations in Bolton where carers can come along and meet other carers, gain information and support and take time out from their caring responsibilities. Zoe also delivers presentations and talks to organisations and community groups which helps to raise awareness of Bolton Carers Support by providing up-to-date information about who we are and how we can support carers. 


Angela Paggett, Information and Advice Service

Angela works on the Carers Helpline dealing with enquiries from carers and health / care professionals and provides Information and Advice appointments at Thicketford Centre.  angela@boltoncarersupport.co.uk

Laurent Fernandez-Moreno, Time For You Project Worker

Laurent is responsible for the "Time for You” project which provides a sitting service for carers.  Working with Mhist, Band, Senior Solutions and Age UK it covers all areas of caring and allows carers to take a break, attend appointments and meet up with friends. It is supported by a team of volunteers, recruited and trained by Bolton Carers Support and carefully matched to support the carers needs.  laurent@boltoncarersupport.co.uk

Alison Caunce, Fundraising Development Officer

Alison is responsible for identifying funding opportunities and submitting written applications to a range of charitable funding sources.  These will include statutory, lottery funders, and charitable trusts and foundations, to maximise funding potential for core services and targeted projects at Bolton Carers Support.  This will be in line with the organisation’s strategic plan and financial targets. To compile and submit monitoring information and reports, gathering the necessary information and data, with support from the team. 

To understand the challenges the voluntary and community sector faces, and crucially, will have knowledge of the range of funding opportunities available to the sector.



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